Tips For Attending Church With A Young Child

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If you and your spouse are planning to start attending a local church and you have a young child, you may be wondering how to take the child with you. Not only will this weekly event serve as quality family time, but you'll also take comfort in knowing that your child will learn something in this faith-filled environment. While many children will often attend Sunday school during the service, some Sunday school programs don't begin until partway through the service. This means that your child will need to sit with you before heading off with the other kids. You'll want to ensure that your child is on their best behavior so that they don't disrupt those who are seated around you. Here are some tips.

Arrange Some Exercise Beforehand

Many children have a habit of fidgeting when they need to sit still, and you may have noticed that your child is more fidgety when they haven't had enough exercise. You may wish to get into the habit of ensuring that your child gets some exercise before each Sunday's church service. Think about the various activities that are suitable for a Sunday morning. Visiting a local park, going on a bicycle ride, or even playing in the backyard can all help a child burn off some energy before church.

Choose Comfortable Attire

Children can also become restless when their clothing is uncomfortable. A child in this situation may begin to fidget or talk during the service. When you're choosing what your child should wear for the church service, look for garments that are comfortable for your child. While you might personally enjoy dressing formally for church, there's nothing wrong with choosing attire that is a little more casual for your child if you believe that this type of outfit would help them to sit still and pay attention.

Take A Toy If Necessary

While you might not like the idea of your child playing with a toy in church because you want them to focus on the service, it doesn't hurt to have a toy in your pocket or purse that you can give the child if the need arises. If your child is having trouble sitting still or focusing, there's a legitimate risk that they could be distracting people in the adjacent seats. This can be a good time to hand your child a toy to keep them preoccupied. When choosing a toy, you'll want something that is silent, such as a stuffed animal or an action figure.

Keep these tips in mind as you look for a church service near you.


14 September 2021

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