What To Do If Your Psychic Reading Has Negative News

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Wouldn't it be nice to have a psychic tell you that your future holds nothing but happiness, health, and wealth? That's what everyone wants to hear, but sometimes a psychic reading can produce news that is less than encouraging from your perspective. When you receive news like that, are you doomed? What can you do, and what should you do with this new information that sounds like you've got an obstacle to deal with? Good news: You're not stuck, and now you have advance warning and can plot a new course.

Nothing Is Set In Stone

You must understand that nothing is set in stone. As the saying goes, the best disaster prophecies never come true; the reasoning is that this means people took steps to mitigate the effects or events of the prophecy. If you receive negative news, you do have a chance to turn the situation around. That is not a guarantee that you can make your exact wishes come true, but that you can turn the situation into a positive one.

For example, let's say you were applying to a new job, and you wanted to know how the new job and your new co-workers would affect your life. The psychic tells you that the hints coming through and energy surrounding the situation actually seem very negative and shocking, and there's a strong sense that there's a block between you and this job. Do you give up? No. You look very carefully at the job, pay closer attention during the interview process, and try to find issues you've overlooked. You don't want to end up overthinking, but maybe those interviews display more red flags than you might have picked up on in your initial excitement. Or, maybe all goes well applying, but the company suddenly freezes hiring, so you don't get the job. Well, now you can look around again, and maybe you'll find something that's even better. One door closes, another opens.

How Much Of It Is The News, And How Much Is The Psychic?

An important factor in psychic readings is the division between the news being presented and the opinion of the psychic. Good psychics know to word negative news in a helpful, calm light that gives the customer a sense that they still can get through the situation and emerge into something better. Psychics should not present news as being your fate, and they should not tell you that you're just permanently cursed, or that you're ill and going to die. Contrast that with the psychic saying that it would be a really good time to catch up on doctor's appointments you've been putting off, or saying that you should really take better care of your heart and look into eating healthier foods and just getting a checkup.

And remember, your interpretation and feelings come into play, too. If a psychic reader you go to makes you feel like something is off, you can always go to another psychic reader. Concentrate on positivity and serenity, and eventually, you'll find that psychic who really seems in tune with your life.

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20 September 2021

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