Forget Negative Energy – It's Stagnant Energy You Need To Worry About

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The past couple of years have had a very negative image, and few people will argue with that. This has left many people wanting to avoid negative energy and change any negative energy in their home and office to positive energy. However, that's not really the way to think about it. Think of energy in the sense of a universal force or qi-like substance – it's meant to flow easily, and when that energy gets stuck, or becomes stagnant, you can really feel it, and it doesn't feel positive. Clearing that stuck energy is the best route for allowing positive feelings back in.

Negative Is a Perception

Energy isn't sentient. It doesn't aim to hurt or help. But it can become stuck or suddenly move too aggressively. When energy flow is off-kilter like that, it affects your perception and may make it easier for you to feel negative about your circumstances. Especially when that energy becomes stuck and then stagnant, with nothing moving and only energetic dust bunnies gathering, you can feel like everything is very negative and won't ever get better. That's when you know it's time to get that energy cleared out.

Moving Stuck Energy Increases Flow and Ease

Have you ever had a day when you felt oh-so-relaxed and felt like all was well? That was a day where you really tapped into gently flowing energy. When you clear stuck energy and get it flowing again, you should notice a shift in how easy things feel. What had seemed like a problem before doesn't seem so insurmountable now. Stuck energy can accumulate in corners that never see use or even cleaning, in bookshelves where the books are never moved, in clothes closets where the clothes are shoved into the back and never worn, and so on. Got a messy yard? Slow drains? All of those trap energy and stop it from flowing well.

Clearing Space Helps Force Stuck Energy to Start Moving Again

Part of unsticking that energy is practical: Unclog those drains, clean those corners, and sort through those books and clothes. (Chances are, there are at least a few that you can easily say you'll never read or use, and you can donate those. The extra space is a start.) On the energy side of things, you need to do something to move energy in areas that haven't been used for a while. That corner of your closet where those donated clothes used to be is an example. You've moved the clothes out and spaced out the remaining clothes, but you'll also need to energetically "dust" the area. Some space-clearing folk suggest using loud single claps or ringing Tibetan-style bells or cymbals in each area. Others might offer services where they chant and move energy around in a house- or office-version of reiki.

Avoid sage smudging, especially white sage. Lately it's become a symbol of cultural appropriation as sage smudging was an Indigenous/Native American ritual – plus sage is in danger of being overharvested. You can look at smoke cleansing instead, where herbs that represent certain qualities are burned safely in a dish.

Both the practical cleaning (or clutter-clearing, to use a popular phrase) and energetic cleaning need to be done together. Energy will not move as well if there's still a lot of dust in its way or if you still feel annoyed by that slow sink drain. You might want to arrange for an energy-clearing consultant to inspect your space so you have more of an idea of where problem areas are building up.

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9 November 2021

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