What Assurances Can The Gospel Give You When You Seek Its Knowledge?

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In a confusing and tumultuous world, it can be hard to know what to believe in. Fortunately, God makes a way for Christians to seek knowledge through the gospel. The gospel is found in the Bible, a work divinely inspired by God the Father. The Bible can give Christians a sense of clarity and certainty in uncertain times. These are four things that Christians can be sure of thanks to God's Word:

1. God is faithful.

One of the most important gospel truths is also the most comforting, and it is the fact that God is faithful. The gospel helps Christians understand that God is unchanging. While people's opinions and tastes may change, God is eternally steadfast, which means that His promises are good forever. Serving a faithful God can give Christians a firm foundation to stand upon. Building your life around God's commandments can ensure that you create a life based on enduring values.

2. God is forgiving.

At times, everyone makes mistakes. These mistakes can be small or large. When mistakes go against God's plan for the way people should behave, they are known as sin. The Bible teaches that God can't stand sin, but fortunately, He made a way for salvation. God is forgiving, and if Christians believe in Jesus Christ and honestly repent of their sins, God will wash their sins away. Christians can rejoice knowing that they serve a loving and merciful Father.

3. God can make good and bad things work out for the benefit of His people.

It's easy to be happy when good things happen, but when calamity strikes, it can be easy to wonder where God is. However, the gospel states that God can make everything work for the benefit of His plan and His people. It's important to put your faith in God and understand that even when you're going through trials, His plans are greater than your plans. This can give you a sense of ease, even in the midst of seemingly negative situations.

4. God does not want His people to be afraid.

Life is often uncertain, but the Bible says in many different places that Christians do not need to fear. Because God is all-powerful and all-knowing, Christians can faithfully trust in Him. The gospel teaches that God is stronger than any enemy or trial that Christians can face. Knowing that the omniscient God is on your side, you can face everything life throws at you with confidence and grace.

If you are seeking gospel knowledge, reach out to a local church organization.


26 May 2023

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